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06/05/2007 - NDS Motion Paks are now shipping!
04/09/2007 - NDS Motion Cards are shipping again! New Slot-1 products added!
02/22/2007 - NDS Motion Cards are now available for Pre-order again.
01/05/2007 - NDS Motion Cards are SHIPPING!
08/27/2006 - Everything you need to run Homebrew is now available in the Online Order system! No need to shop around paying for multiple shipping!
06/29/2006 - Update FlashMe page with link to NDS-Lite Tutorial on ndshb.com

FlashMe V7 - It just keeps getting better!

Disclaimer!!! Use of PassMe/WiFiMe/FlashMe is at your own risk! This device does NOT allow you to run copyrighted applications. It is for homebrew development only! Natrium42, DarkFader, Lynx, Loopy, Costis and anyone else that helped make this available are not responsible for any damage it may cause to you, your Nintendo DS, or anything else it comes in contact with. What's this mean? If you fry your DS, NO ONE is going to buy you a new one. You have been warned. Again, use at your own risk!

Now, onto flashing your DS firmware!

Click icon to see Lynx flash his DS UPDATED for V7 ---> 4.7Meg

Dutch version available HERE.

---DS-LITE USERS! go here

---Recover Info here

Finding FlashMe had become a messy task. Finally we have an official page again. Make sure you grab FlashMe V8 from HERE.

First, go to HERE and download the installation file. Write it to your GBA Flash Cart. NOTE! Although you will be downloading FlashMe.nds, it does not require you to add a header. This .nds file will work just as it is on a GBA Flash Cart OR GBA MP, etc.

Tool required. Screwdriver, Something to short SL1 (a nail with the tip ground down, in this case), PassMe1/2, DS Game, and Media to hold flashme.nds.

Step 1. PLUG IN YOUR DS! I don't know how many posts I have ready about people not plugging in their DS and dropping the battery. Luckily, Loopy is a great guy and inserted recovery code. Check out the bottom of this page for recovery instructions.

Step 2. Insert DS Game into PassMe1/2. If you are using PassMe2, don't forget to load the SRAM Data onto your media.

Step 3. Plug the PassMe1/2 into the NDS.

Step 4. Remove the screw on the battery cover.

Step 5. Remove the white and red square covering SL1.

Step 6. Turn on your DS and run the flash update program. Press X B X B as directed on the screen and short SL1.

Using a bent paperclip (bend it strait, and then fold in half so ends are the same length), small flat screwdriver, tweezers, a nail, etc. short SL1 When it detects the short, you will see the Process % increase. Be sure to keep SL1 shorted untill you receive a message indicating the flash was successful. If you do not see the Process indicator increasing, then your SL1 is not shorted.

Wait for the 100%, and move on...

Step 7. Toss your PassMe1/2, as you will not need it again! WooHoo!

Step 8. Play some Hombrew!!!

Here is a quote from Loopy, creater of FlashMe:

Numbers are displayed on the bottom right corner of the screen during flashing , did you happen to notice what they were? If it stopped at 100 and you turned it off, you're screwed. Basically that means it only managed to flash the very first block when you lost connection. Extremely rare, but I suppose it could happen. If it did make it past 100, restoreFW SHOULD be able to fix it. Hold A+B+select+start, THEN turn on your DS (with restoreFW cart plugged in). Hopefully that fixes it for you.

Folks, if you slip up and lose the SL1 connection, DON'T freak out and turn off your DS. The flasher program will keep trying until it's done, so just make the connection again and everything will be fine.


What you get? Well, your DS will now boot normal games, just as it did. It will also boot DS homebrew on a GBA Flash cart, GBA MP, M3, SC, etc.. without the need for any additional hardware. It will also allow you to play downloaded homebrew using WMB! Pefect for doing development work! It also boots VERY FAST! And gets rid of the warning screen.

Click icon to see Lynx flash his DS Updated for V7---> 4.7Meg

Hold SELECT to bypass FlashMe during boot.
Hold A,B,X, and Y to force FlashMe to boot.

FlashMe Start Process from Loopy:

a rough sketch of flashme execution, starting from the failsafe -

if a+b+start+select is pushed, jump to GBA cart
load the rest of firmware, jump into the loaded code
if select pushed, jump to original firmware
if A+B+X+Y pushed, goto flashme
if "PASS" or "DSBooter" identifiers are found, goto flashme
jump to original firmware
load firmware settings area into ram
initialize various things (reset DMA, VRAM, touchpad, sound, etc)
jump to GBA cart

So... the difference is that a lot of things are left uninitialized with A+B+Start+Select.


NOTE: Make sure there is NOTHING inserted into the DS slot. This includes a game or PassMe1/2!

First, write flashme.nds to your media and insert it into the GBA slot.
Next, hold SELECT+START+A+B all at the same time and turn your DS on.
The DS will boot directly to the GBA slot and from here, you can launch flashme.nds (If it isn't already started) and install it again.