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06/05/2007 - NDS Motion Paks are now shipping!
04/09/2007 - NDS Motion Cards are shipping again! New Slot-1 products added!
02/22/2007 - NDS Motion Cards are now available for Pre-order again.
01/05/2007 - NDS Motion Cards are SHIPPING!
08/27/2006 - Everything you need to run Homebrew is now available in the Online Order system! No need to shop around paying for multiple shipping!
06/29/2006 - Update FlashMe page with link to NDS-Lite Tutorial on ndshb.com

Our Demos
PhoenixRising & Lynx

Tile02 Test, keyboard


Emulator .bin

PassMe Version


Touch Screen Resolution Video


Emulator .bin - Not available as current emulators don't support sound.

PassMe Version


Looks like we are having problems going above 600k.. And, you have to give it a few seconds to load the samples prior to pressing left or right... and for some reason, it doesn't stop playing the sample.. so songs run on, and if the sample rate changes.. well, you'll hear.
But now everything should be in stereo, though it's marked mono in the user interface.