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Requirements for Building and Using a PassMe

Hardware Needed to Run Your Own Code

Tools Required to Build and Program PassMe

Parts List: What To Order

Required Parts for PassMe

Quanitity Part Part Number Source Unit Price
1 XC9572XL (CPLD) 122-1265-ND $3.09
1 3 in. sq. Custom PCB Gerber Files $7.50
1 1" x 3" sticker or tape Walmart, Office Depot, etc.

Optional Parts for PassMe

NOTE: New CPLD Code no longer makes use of LEDS!!!

These parts are not strictly required for the PassMe to work. They are primarily for debugging your circuit as you are building it. The ones I make for sale do not include these additional parts, because I program the CPLD and test it before shipping the unit and know that the unit is working.

All of these parts are available at Pricing and product numbers were accurate as of 7 March 2005.

Quanitity Part Digi-Key Part Number Unit Price
2 220 Ohm Resistor RHM220JCT-ND $0.074
1 Green LED 160-1169-1-ND $0.11
1 Red LED 160-1167-1-ND $0.11

Required Parts for Programming

Ordering the Parts

So, go to . Select "Custom PCBs" on the menu. Scroll down to the bottom and enter "3" in the Quantity box and select "Add to Cart".


Quantity box

Now "Checkout" and follow directions to process the order.

Next, you will need to e-mail the Gerber and Drill files to the e-mail address listed on the Custom PCBs order page.

Next, we need to order the CPLD so go to . In the search box at the top, type in 122-1265-ND. Enter 1 for the Quantity and click "Add to Order". Click "Finish Order" and follow order processing instructions.


Digikey Order Page

Now, we wait for the parts to arrive.

Once they arrive, continue with PassMe Construction.

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