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Programming the CPLD

Go to Xilinx web site and register so you can download their free ISE WebPACK software for programming the CPLD

The code for the CPLD can be found at (New code from DarkFader):

So, now we need to launch iMPACT. You will be prompted with the screen below:


iMPACT Mode Selection

Click cancel.

Next, right-click in the black white space at the top, and select "Add Xilinx Device from the list.


Add Xilinx Device

Select the cpldpass.jed file from the file listed above:


Add Device

You should see the following screen:


PassMe Code Loaded

Now, just right-click on the device, and select "Program..."


Programming the CPLD

You'll get the following screen. Be sure to also check "Verify" from the list, and select OK:


Program Options

Now you should see:


Executing command...

And.. finish with this!


Programming Succeeded!

Finally, everything is ready. When purchasing a PassMe from, the PassMe unit that will arrive will be in this state, ready for you to go straight to the next section. Onward to Using the PassMe.

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