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Tested Flash Carts

Flash Carts that have been tested with PassMe!

Note: Play Yan DOES NOT work with PassMe

Cart Experience
GBA Movie Player Version 2 Out of the box, no! But, after updating the firmware, it can now be used with a PassMe to run Homebrew NDS roms. Go Here for installation instructions.

SuperCard With the latest firmware release.

Visoly Xtreme Linker + 256 1) Using Configuration Menu... need to make sure that menu is not written for a single file
2) Must use Write to Cart tab, and not Drag+Drop into CartView
XG1 128 Mbit Uncheck "Use Loader" in menu.
EZ-Flash II Power Star EZ-Cart 512mb From the menus verify that the card manager app won't load a multiboot loader or try to remove intros.
EZ-Flash II Power Star 256mb From the menus verify that the card manager app won't load a multiboot loader or try to remove intros.
EZF-Advance 128mb Uncheck Multirom under Options.
X-Rom 512 Disable the Menu.
Magic Flash 256 Was a bit tricky. I found out that the flash card was a copy of "PowerFlash" (or something like that). So it's a bit of a hack :( First you need the MagicFlash software. Remove all roms from the cart, and rebuild the menu.

Then get "FuzzyPro" software (the PowerFlash stuff), and write the .ds.gba rom straight to the card. This writes straight to the start of GBA memory, and overwrites the MagicFlash menu.

However, if you want to rewrite the card, you have to re-run the MagicFlash software and rebuild the menu (for some reason?!?). Then you can copy the .ds.gba across using FuzzyPro again
EZ-Flash 3 1gb DarkFader and Davr to the rescue. Get a working loader Here.
EZF-Advance III 256mb Works fine.
Flash2Advance 256mb Works fine.
Flash2Advance Ultra 256mb Works fine.
Flash Advance 2 128mb Works fine.
Extreme Flash Advance 512mb Works fine.
Extreme Flash Advance 256mb Works fine.
Visoly Flash Advance Pro 256mb Works fine.
Visoly Parelell Port 128mb Need to hack case to fit into DS, but works fine.
G6 Flash 1Gb 2nd Generation Works fine.
Visoly Extreme 64mb Works fine.

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