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06/05/2007 - NDS Motion Paks are now shipping!
04/09/2007 - NDS Motion Cards are shipping again! New Slot-1 products added!
02/22/2007 - NDS Motion Cards are now available for Pre-order again.
01/05/2007 - NDS Motion Cards are SHIPPING!
08/27/2006 - Everything you need to run Homebrew is now available in the Online Order system! No need to shop around paying for multiple shipping!
06/29/2006 - Update FlashMe page with link to NDS-Lite Tutorial on ndshb.com

PassMe Disclaimer!!! Use of PassMe is at your own risk! The PassMe is meant to use for homebrew development and freeware NDS games. We are strictly against piracy. You can download NDS freeware from ndshb.com. Custom Lynx, Natrium42, DarkFader, Lynx, and anyone else that helped make this available are not responsible for any damage it may cause to you, your Nintendo DS, or anything else it comes in contact with. What's this mean? If you fry your DS, I'm not going to buy you a new one. You have been warned. Again, use at your own risk! (though, I have tested every one I have sold in my DS and have not had a problem, but I can't take responsibility for the misuse of this product!)

Now, understand that these are being built by me, Lynx, as I have time to build them. It may take a few days for your order to ship. All PassMes will have been inserted into MY DS at least once. Completed kits twice or more. All completed units will be tested prior to shipping. PassMes are sold AS IS, no warrenty, no refunds, etc.

All information for building a PassMe is available under the Documentation section of this site.

PassMe orders are shipped in an antistatic bag inside a 4x8 bubble mailer using USPS for U.S. ($1 and 2 - 3 Days)and Global Priority Mail for International ($5 and 4 - 7 Days)

NDS Devkit Disclaimer!!! Starting today 06/27/2005, I will be testing every kit prior to shipping by writing a Homebrew demo to the cart using the included linker. From this day forward, all Devkits are SOLD AS IS, no warrenty, no refunds, etc. If you don't trust that I will ship you a working Devkit, then don't order one! Please purchase a NeoFlash, as they may have better return options.

XG2 Devkits are shipped with insurance.

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