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06/05/2007 - NDS Motion Paks are now shipping!
04/09/2007 - NDS Motion Cards are shipping again! New Slot-1 products added!
02/22/2007 - NDS Motion Cards are now available for Pre-order again.
01/05/2007 - NDS Motion Cards are SHIPPING!
08/27/2006 - Everything you need to run Homebrew is now available in the Online Order system! No need to shop around paying for multiple shipping!
06/29/2006 - Update FlashMe page with link to NDS-Lite Tutorial on ndshb.com

PassMe: Last Updated 4/26 9:49am (Updated Flash Carts)
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Finnish HTML Version (Thanks Nikolas)
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FlashMe: Last Updated 4/29 6:36pm (Added quote from Loopy)
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